On Stupid Phishers

Though I’ve ordered maybe one thing from Amazon in the past six months, I get e-mail from Amazon at least four or five times a week. Usually it’s suggestions — someone who bought this is generally now buying this, and don’t you need to buy this, too? Well, okay, it’s always suggestions.

Suffice it to say, I know exactly what an e-mail from Amazon looks like.

Here’s a hint. It’s in HTML. It looks pretty.

So when I get a plain-text e-mail from Amazon, telling me there’s something wrong with my account, telling me to click this link that right on the fucking screen tells me it links to a website in Italy with a URL that has zero to do with Amazon, it’s obvious to me that it’s not actually an e-mail from Amazon.

For comparison’s sake. It took me far more time to write the previous sentence than it did to make the determination that the Amazon e-mail was, in fact, a phish from a scammer.

Phishers are fucking stupid.

Unfortunately, it only takes one person to fall for the phisher’s scam. One person.

Be vigilant, peeps!

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