On Sudoku

I’ve discovered the joys (and the addictions) of Sudoku.

I never understood it, that strange numerical puzzle. What’s the appeal, I wondered? Why are people wanting Sudoku games for their computers?

I picked up Brain Age for the DS several weeks ago, but hadn’t tried the Sudoku puzzles. Indeed, I didn’t even know what Sudoku was or the rules of the game. Brain Age explained the game and the rules.

Here’s what I’ve discovered. I’m quite good at Sudoku. I can solve a puzzle in between ten and twelve minutes with no mistakes. At least, I assume that’s good–Brain Age tells me I’m solving the puzzles at “car speed” (as opposed to “walking speed”).

I still don’t understand the addictive nature. I know that I want to solve more Sudoku puzzles. I want to make the numbers fit. I like the logic and reason I need to apply to fit everything together.

I’m thinking of buying a stand-alone Sudoku game for the DS when it comes out next week.

I think I may have a problem, an addiction problem.


One thought on “On Sudoku

  1. My whole family is addicted to Sudoku…heh. By the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I imagine I’ll come by yearly to wish you a happy one and thank you for the Shire Reckoning reminder 😀

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