On Summer

It hasn’t just been hot–temperates flirting in the triple digits–recently. No, it’s been positively sultry, too, in North Carolina.

Heat on its own is fine. Humidity on its own isn’t fine, but it’s tolerable.

Combine the two? Downright miserable.

It’s bad enough that you need air conditioning in the car. I’m a roll-the-windows down kind of guy, but lately, that’s just not been cutting it. But it’s really bad when you need the air conditioning to go a mile and a half to the bank. I’d love to walk that, I really would, but not now. Oh, no.

You know what I miss in North Carolina? Seasons. There’s no real spring, no real autumn. There’s winter. There’s summer. Spring and autumn get squeezed out. Blink, and they’re gone.

One thought on “On Summer

  1. I went to a wedding on Saturday, held outside, where the temp was in the high 90s and the heat index was approaching 110. 🙁

    I grew up on the coast with the super high humidity, so you’d think I’d be used to it. You’d be wrong.

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