On Super-Hero Movie Casting

At work this week, for obvious reasons, we’ve been talking Justice League. Warners pulled the plug on the film, and I think comic fans everywhere breathed a sigh of relief.

Somehow, this led to the suggestion that maybe a Blue Beetle/Booster Gold film would be a good idea. Two largely unknown characters, done inexpensively.

Naturally, the suggestion that Ben Stiller as Ted Kord and Owen Wilson as Booster Gold was made.

Naturally, that idea sucks. Haven’t we seen that movie a half dozen times already, the buddy pic with Stiller and Wilson?

So I suggested two actors you wouldn’t instantly think of, but who have worked together and would have the right chemistry.

Jason Bateman as Ted Kord.
Will Arnett as Booster Gold.

Somehow this turned into a conversation about adapting Superbuddies using the cast of Arrested Development. David Cross as the voice of Skeets? Alia Shawkat as Mary Marvel?

But no one can top the Bateman/Arnett casting for Blue and Gold.

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