On Surviving the Weekend

A fuller convention report may come later.

For the nonce, I had a fantastic time at Farpoint.

I autographed all of three books — all three, copies of The Quality of Leadership. Kathleen, whomever you are, not that you’re reading this, I loved your reaction to the inscription. 🙂

It’s Monday morning. I still have a headache. However, that’s better than, say, Sunday afternoon, where I’d gone fried.

Getting ready for a day at the office beckons. I’ll write more about the convention later — and some of the weirdly nostalgic moments I hit.

Also, I wonder if there was some numerological importance to the number “442.” I do see that in the year 442 CE Eógan mac Néill is baptized by Saint Patrick, becoming the first Catholic King of Ireland. Anyway, that number’s just been on my mind for some reason.

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