On Synchonicity

Last night I wanted to watch a movie. But what? I looked through the DVDs, and settled on A Hard Day’s Night. See, I’ve been thinking about making some changes to the website–maybe it’s time for a Yellow Submarine theme–so I was in a Beatles mood.

Guess what? I wrote this, a year ago today:

I watched A Hard Day’s Night yesterday, the Miramax two-disc DVD version released a few years ago. I hadn’t watched one of the Beatles’ films in a while, and my VHS tapes are packed away, so I had little choice but to go with AHDN.

I had no idea that I last watched A Hard Day’s Night on August 2nd, 2004. None. I didn’t even realize it until I saw in my webpage’s sidebar that about a year ago I’d posted about who my favorite Beatle was and, curious as to what I’d written, I took a look at that long-ago post.

Weird. A Hard Day’s Night at a precise year interval. Weird.

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