On Syndication

Over in the Mirror Universe Bill Leisner wrote, “Looks like the dam holding back Gibson entries from syndication finally burst…” The LiveJournal feed hadn’t reported posts for about a week–since the 10th–ever since I tried posting one of those ever-present quiz things seen on LiveJournals far and wide to my webpage.

WordPress, though, threw conniptions–the .html code simply didn’t work right, and WordPress made code vanish at random. I decided on a radical fix–make a post, then paste the relevant .html code right into the SQL database, which produced the desired result on my webpage, but the syndication feed had issues.

Either the dam burst on Thursday because I upgraded the blogging software to WordPress 1.5 or the problem posting was sufficiently far enough back that the LiveJournal syndication spider didn’t try to read it any longer.

Suffice to say, the syndication feed works again, so readers across the web can breathe a sigh of relief, though it always amazes me that people are reading what I have to say.

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