On Talking With William Shatner

Three weeks ago, I had the opportunity to interview William Shatner.

He has a line of comics coming out from Bluewater Productions, an up-and-coming comic book company. Bluewater is adapting some of his science-fiction novels including TekWar and Quest for Tomorrow — and launching a new original-to-comics property — beginning with the William Shatner Presents special on Free Comic Book Day in May, followed by TekWar in June.

I got to talk to Shatner about the series, his thoughts on comics, even my favorite novel of his. (And no, it’s probably not any one you’d think of.)

You can check out my interview with William Shatner online now, or you can go to a comic shop next week and pick up the new Previews and catch it in print.

If you’re interested in Bluewater’s upcoming line of William Shatner comics, their press release on the series can be found here.

And yes, I do know what the secret fourth William Shatner comic series is. I actually got great material from Mr. Shatner about it. But Bluewater is keeping that under wraps until William Shatner Presents arrives on Free Comic Book Day, so I couldn’t use that material; it’s not my place to talk about it. 🙂

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