On Telescopes and Temptation

I thought, seriously, of blowing my paycheck on a reflecting telescope.

A couple of us had gone to Sam’s Club on our lunch break. One of the writers in the department needed to pick up some bulk food for a Christmas party. We wandered the cavernous building, and I felt somewhat exposed and endangered; I was pushing no cart, and surrounded by people who were, I thought I would be run over at any moment. We passed a section of Christmas toys and gifts near the front, and there I saw a telescope.

A reflecting telescope!

Oh, how I wanted it. I could set it up at home, on cold clear nights such as these, and peer into infinity.

Why, just the other night, Monday it must’ve been, as I left the office I saw the waxing moon and a bright point of light — Jupiter, I would think — hanging together in the western sky. The sight reminded me of the Carbon Leaf song “Blue Ridge Laughing” with its line, “Space brings back boyish wonder.” I love that song. Makes me think of lots of things. Makes me nostalgic.

I resisted the impulse. No telescope was bought.

But we’d have had fun, me and the telescope. Oh, yes. 😉

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