On Ten Pop Culture Questions

Stolen from Keith and Lisa, who stole it from Drew:

1) Wonder Woman or Xena? Wonder Woman.
2) John Strange or Carl Kolchak? Carl Kolchak.
3) 9th Doctor (Eccleston) or 10th Doctor (Tennant)? Eccleston. Tennant is more traditionally Doctor-ish, which makes Eccleston's performance look all the more impressive because he wasn't traditionally Doctor-ish.
4) July or August? July. August is too blooming hot in North Carolina.
5) Enterprise (original) or Serenity? The Enterprise, all the way. (Though I prefer the refit version to the television version.
6) Buffy Summers or Jaime Sommers? Can I pick Dawn? Okay, then. Buffy.
7) Press Your Luck or Whammy? And these are…?
8) Spike TV or Sci-Fi Channel? Sci-Fi. Even if they do make junk movies.
9) Spring or Fall? I am an autumn person.
10) Rock, paper, or scissors? Scissors.

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