On that Friday Feeling

Some days go by in a blur. Some days drag horribly.

Today felt like one of the latter.

It began with the alarm going off. I’ve never been much of a morning person, and I had one of those “Aww, do I have to get out of bed?” mornings. I adjusted my wake-up time by half an hour when I started using the subway to get to work, but a half an hour shouldn’t make me feel like that. Certainly not after a month. :/

I had to put gas in the tank. Fifty-two dollars. I look at it like this; it’s been nearly four weeks since I had to fill the tank. That was a positive.

But then there was a problem on the subway. A train had become stalled on the tracks, so there were delays. And crowded subway cars.

Work was work. It involved writing, and more writing, and yes, more writing.

And I have two articles for the employee newsletter to write. One, not unsurprisingly, about myself.

There is, of course, a minor issue there.

I hate writing about myself.

Wait. I should clarify that.

I hate writing about myself publicly.

I know. It’s strange. I can write long and lengthy screeds about me and what I think and what I feel, and send them to people, but that’s private. It’s when talking about myself publicly that I get completely flumoxxed. (And I doubt that’s spelled correctly, but it’s not like it really matters.)

It will all work out. I know it will. 🙂

The other article is a departmental profile. I have a lot of material to work with, it’s just sitting down and bolting it together. Previous departmental profiles have been, to be frank, dry and lifeless. There’s no sense of fun. There’s no sense of life. I’m taking a different sort of approach, and it should turn out fine.

The trip home from work today? Terrible.

There’s an Orioles/Red Sox game downtown, and the light rail runs to the stadium. The train was packed, an SRO. Not fun.

That’s Friday, and I’m tired.

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