On the Absent Liddy Dole

When I lived in North Carolina my two senators were Liddy Dole and Bob Burr. I’d write letters to both, pester them about supporting non-Republican causes (which was, itself, a non-starter as both are loyal Republicans). Burr, at least, would write back. Dole, except for one letter on a proposal to raise the Minimum Wage, never did.

As a Senator, Dole’s constituent service was lacking. Nor could she be bothered to visit North Carolina–the state she represented–more than two or three times a year. For all the accusations that Hillary Rodham Clinton was going to be a “carpetbagger” in New York, she actually made an effort at learning New York, living in New York. Dole hasn’t. Realistically, she hasn’t lived in North Carolina on any sort of permanent basis for at least thirty years. She doesn’t know the state.

I recently started reading a political webcomic called “Town Called Dobson.” It’s about a little town in rural North Carolina, and the strip focuses on what it’s like to be a liberal in a conservative state. The most recent strip takes aim at Liddy Dole’s prolonged indifference to her own constituents.

North Carolina deserves better. As long as the Democrats run someone with a pulse they can take Liddy Dole down. She’s vulnerable.

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