On The American Spectator

A few years ago, completely by accident, I subscribed to The American Spectator. By accident I mean confusion, and I was confused–I thought I was re-upping my subscription to The American Prospect. Spectator is a right-wing magazine, Prospect falls to the left. So, for a year The American Spectator would come through the mailbox, I’d leaf through it and wonder at how the writers could so misread the world, and then toss it in the trash lest the cognitive dissonance prove too much for my system.

A few days ago I received a free issue of The American Spectator in the mail. Gorblimey!

I just have to quote the wrapper on the magazine.

Dear Fellow Right Wing Conspirator & Former Subscriber:

Hey, remember us? Back in the good old day we weren’t part of the Ring Wing Conspiracy… we WERE the Right Wing Conspiracy.

That fills me with warm, fuzzy feelings all over. Not.

You bailed. Moved on. Call it what you will. I would’ve done the same thing.

Sure I bailed, because I subscribed to the magazine by accident and didn’t bother, couldn’t be bothered, to try and unsubscribe.

I’d quote more, but why bother?

I’ve glanced through the issue, and I’ll admit that I’ll read an article defending the faulty intelligence that lead the United States into Iraq two years ago. But I’m not going to subscribe to this–I shan’t make that mistake again.

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