On the Archetypal Allyn

Within the last month, comment spam on my blog has gone from fairly minimal to fairly insane. Fortunately, I have traps in place to catch, but I’ve had to implement something I’m not a fan of — setting it so that comments don’t appear until I approve them if the person has never commented before. I feel this is a bad system, because it penalizes first-time commenters over something that isn’t their fault.

However, I found the greatest comment spam ever in reviewing the traps today:

You are an Archetypal figure in our lives, a masculine image of love and goodness and truth telling, and keeper of our dreams

Thank you, Christian Louboutin Sale. Yes, I am all of those things. An archetypal figure. A paragon of love and truth. A dreamer and a mystic. Yes, Christian Louboutin Sale, you are quite right. I should take this as a personal motto.

Too bad you had to post this on a long-ago post on limping, where it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

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