On the Arrival of the Print

A week ago — well, eight days, if one must be precise — I ordered an Arthurian art print.

Created by Todd Klein and J.H. Williams III, “Drawing the Sword” depicted the moment in the Arthurian mythos when young Arthur, unaware of his birthright as King of England, pulled the magical sword from the stone.

I promised myself a month ago that when I was paid for the upcoming Star Trek Magazine article on the history of the Borg, I would order this print.

The check came. I ordered the print.

It arrived today.

I went out and bought a frame for it. The print measures 11″ x 17″, and finding a frame proved more difficult than I thought it would be. I got lucky and found one at Wal-Mart that was perfect, with black molding.

It is absolutely gorgeous.

I thought the print looked fantastic on a computer monitor. Live and in person, it’s downright stunning.

I haven’t hung the print yet in my stairwell gallery. I’ll figure out tomorrow where it should go. 🙂

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