On the Blade Runner Ultimate Collection

Blade Runner.

An Australian retailer posted information on the forthcoming Blade Runner Ulimate Collection DVD set. Five discs, five different versions of the film. Documentaries on the making of the film, on Philip K. Dick, and a pretty damn cool case. (Though I expect we’ll get a far less exciting cardboard case here in North America–how dare the film companies do something cool with cases?)

Five versions of the film? Yes, indeed. The theatrical cut. The slightly more violent international cut. The misnamed Director’s Cut. The original workprint. And Ridley Scott’s new, definitive Final Cut.

This excites me. It will be nice to have the international cut on DVD (it’s my preferred cut of the film). And if there’s a film that deserves copious documentaries, it’s Blade Runner. I’ve read Paul Sammon’s Future Noir: The Making of Blade Runner several times. It’s such a visionary film.

I’m not sure when this is due out. End of the year, I think. And the price? I’d expect something in the seventy dollar range. (I can’t imagine it would be more than that; I think I picked up the Alien Quadrilogy for about seventy, and that was nine discs.)

Blade Runner. I need this, people. 🙂

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