On the Bush Dyslexicon

I’m sorry, this is one I can’t let pass.

President Bush referred to himself today as, and let me make sure I’ve got this exactly right, “the commander guy.” Referring to the Baker-Hamilton report Bush said:

By the way, in the report it said, it is — the government may have to put in more troops to be able to get to that position. And that’s what we do. We put in more troops to get to a position where we can be in some other place. The question is, who ought to make that decision? The Congress or the commanders? And as you know, my position is clear — I’m the commander guy.

“The commander guy.” He’s not the President. He’s not the Commander-in-Chief. He’s not “the Decider” or “the Unitary Executive.”

He’s now “the commander guy.” The leader of the greatest democracy in the history of the world, and he calls himself “the commander guy.” What the hell?

What I would like to say to the President — “Have you any shame, sir? Have you any sense of the high ideals of your office? Do you not think that referring to yourself as ‘the commander guy’ demeans the office you hold?”

“The commander guy.”

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