On the Cold

It was cold today.

Really fucking cold.

I shouldn’t complain. It was fifteen degrees here in Charm City. Other places were far below that.

Still, it’s cold.

I don’t like the cold.

I especially don’t like the cold, because it makes me limp.

Many years ago in college, I accidentally brutally broke a bone in my foot while jumping out of bed. It wasn’t a sudden thing; I jumped out of my top bunk onto the hard, tile floor every day. Thus, the balls of my feet always hurt. It turned out, years later, that I had broken a bone, and it had healed, but when the weather turns the bone hurts.

Thus, I’m limping around like I’ve been hobbled by a giant hobbling thing.

All because the cold.

Fortunately, by Sunday temperatures should be back into the mid-thirties.

And here’s hoping that forty and fifty degree temperatures are due not long thereafter. 😉

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