On the Coming Crack-Up

Here’s an interesting little story.

The “Religious Right” isn’t happy with the Republican Party. The GOP doesn’t value their interests. The GOP isn’t fighting for what they want.

And they really don’t like Rudy Guiliani.

What does all this mean?

There’s the obvious fear, on the part of the Republicans, that the religious voting bloc could bolt en masse. Given the manner in which the party has largely shunned minorities, losing the religious vote would consign the GOP to minor party status, as it was the religious vote that made the difference in the last two elections.

On the flipside, if the Republican Party put itself through contortions to keep the religious vote, it would frighten off large swathes of the electorate. Look at Mitt Romney or John McCain’s religious blather — it’s not exactly comfort food, especially with McCain saying that the United States was founded as “a Christian nation” and other nonsense.

Either way, the Republican Party, as we know it, could have its days numbered.

That doesn’t mean that the Democratic Party will have an easy time of it in ’08. A dying party is still a very dangerous thing.

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