On the Cubs and the Nationals

While I’ve been a fan of the Chicago Cubs for a very long time, I’ve never actually seen the Cubs. At least, not in person. Last year my sister suggested that, perhaps, I could go and catch a Nationals-Cubs game in Washington. Of course, she suggested that the day after the Cubs had a three-game stand at RFK stadium, so the opportunity last season passed me by.

I began thinking again today about the idea. Especially now that the Nationals are in talks with Sammy Sosa.

Looking at the Nationals’ schedule, the Cubs will be in Washington from July 21st to the 23rd.

I have a little time to think about this. šŸ™‚

In other baseball news, the first baseball video game of the year hits stores next week, EA Sports’ MVP 06 NCAA Baseball. Yes, it’s a college baseball game. I’m curious how this game will shape up–MVP has had great mechanics the past two years (though I prefer the ’04 version to the ’05 for unquantifiable reasons) and why let a good game engine go to waste–but I wonder if college baseball is perhaps too niche to attract buyers.

One thought on “On the Cubs and the Nationals

  1. That would be a great opportunity to see the Cubs and check out the new Nationals. You might also want to think about Atlanta, although that’s probably a little farther for you. I haven’t travelled to many other stadiums, but I’ve always had a great time, especially if my team was there. And since you’re such a big fan you really need to see them in person to solidify your credentials. šŸ˜‰

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