On the Day After Christmas

In no random order, some thoughts on the day.

  1. After sleeping a lot yesterday, the alarm going off this morning at five was incredibly unwelcome.
  2. I got to work before the sun came up.
  3. Somehow, I got coffee in my eye. Tepid coffee, but it still stung like a muthafucker.
  4. The gift card system went down. The gift card system came up. The gift card system went down. The gift card system came up. It would go down in the middle of a transaction. Monies would mysteriously vanish. Someone, somewhere obviously wants to kill me.
  5. No one asked if we had XBox 360s. Not that we had any, which we didn’t, but still. No one asked.
  6. Did I mention that I got coffee in my eye?
  7. The sun went down. I was still at work. Days are too short in December.
  8. We were really busy. Why couldn’t we have been busy like this before Christmas when, y’know, it mattered?
  9. I’m already missing the Christmas music on the Muzak system. The system played secular Christmas songs anyway, so what would a few more days hurt? Clearly people don’t realize that the Twelve Days of Christmas are the twelve days after Christmas.

That, in a nutshell, was my day.

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