On the Day After Thanksgiving

If you are Black Friday shopping, do be careful. 🙂

I’ve had to disable the “Let It Snow” plugin for the blog. That plug-in created gently falling snow. It was pretty. It was hypnotic. It also caused problems for people browsing with Internet Explorer. (And really, if you’re using IE, why don’t you upgrade to a real, robust browser? Like Opera? It’s fast. It’s standards compliant. It has everything you need, built right in, with no need for plugins.)

Finally, as of three hours ago, I am an uncle. 🙂

Be well!

2 thoughts on “On the Day After Thanksgiving

  1. Congratulations on becoming an uncle. I’m going to try Opera as the latest version of Firefox has been a real pain. It’s constantly crashing, even when I am shutting it down.

  2. Two words on why people might not switch from IE: Corporate environment.

    Nobody else has an excuse, though. 😉

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