On the Deep End

It’s been an odd day.

Today, this morning, I found out that my company has been sold to our major competitor. Other managers spent the morning calling, seeking my insight. I had no insight. Over the short term, I expect no significant changes. Over the next six months as our systems merge into theirs we may see, will see changes I can’t even begin to predict.

So, it’s both exciting and scary.

Which is probably why today wasn’t a good day to yank my chain.

Some might say I went off the deep end. In defiance of reason I made a cold war hot. But frankly, a wanker is a wanker, and sometimes I need to call out someone for that. And then hit below the belt. We’ll see what comes of this.

4 thoughts on “On the Deep End

  1. Said sale does not bode well. The fact that the employees at the two or three different branches of said competitor (or, at least, who I’m reasonably sure it is) have all been completely clueless doesn’t help. 😕

    As for the deep end—maybe. But sometimes, you just need to make a leap of faith. And I wish that I’d been the one with enough courage to do so.

  2. Well, speaking as one who has lived through two corporate buy-outs/sell-offs in the past five years, I’d advise that you not stress out about it. It’s a complex process and most changes will come gradually, and most of the biggest ones will be on the corporate level. The best you can do is keep running your end of things as well as you can, and not worry about matters beyond your control.

  3. My sympathies on the buyout. However, I agree with Bill and Andrew. I’ve only lived through the one corporate buyout, and my company was the buyer, but we didn’t see any effects of it. Most of the effects were at the higher levels, and in other divisions. I agree with Bill. Just keep doing your job to the best of your abilities. That’s really all you can do.

    And as for that deep end, dude, you’re not saying anything about a dozen other people would like to say. So, if you’re off the deep end, we went with you. 🙂

  4. Well my response was “who pissed in your wheaties”…talk about bringing a howitzer to a knife fight!

    As for the buy out…they usualy go fine…when my company got bought out/merged, it was the start of a year and half of unemployemnt, leading to a job where I’m seriously underemployed, not using a fraction of my education, and barely get thru the day without snapping or guzzling whiskey to get by….
    ok..perhaps I’m not the best example…:sad:

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