On “The Doctor’s Daughter”

Wow, was that meh.

Stephen Greenhorn, the writer of the latest Doctor Who episode, “The Doctor’s Daughter,” said something to the effect that, in writing a Doctor Who story there’s one thing that never changes — the Doctor. So, Russell T. Davies gave Greenhorn the opportunity to write a story that, reputedly, would change the Doctor forever.

Which “The Doctor’s Daughter” doesn’t do.

There are good ideas in “The Doctor’s Daughter.”

But the good ideas are thrown in a blender, and they come out… not good.

This story was two rewrites away from being good.

And that the story screams out for sequel doesn’t exactly help.

And, supposedly, this episode was supposed to feel like a mid-season finale.

Umm, no.

Good ideas. Inconsistent and incoherent execution. Adds up to a giant “meh.”

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2 thoughts on “On “The Doctor’s Daughter”

  1. The trailer made it look like Jenny would be a character, rather than a walking plot point. She wasn’t interesting in herself, she was interesting for the arc she put the Doctor through. Which is an arc he’s been through, in “The Sound of Drums” and “Last of the Time Lords.”

    A sequel episode, where the Doctor stumbles across Jenny, and she’s interpreted his few instructions to her in the completely wrong manner would be interesting.

    But I can’t see a spin-off series. At least, not yet.

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