On the Doctor's Greatest Foes

There’s a rumor that in the upcoming season of Doctor Who there may be a story pitting the Doctor’s two greatest foes against one another–the Daleks and the Cybermen.

Sure, it’s a fanwanky concept. That’s the appeal. So, if I were writing a Dalek vs. Cybermen story, this is what I’d do….

Set it during the events of “The Dalek Invasion of Earth.” Yes, that old Hartnell chestnut. Daleks invaded Earth, enslaved the human population, but there are rebels against the new order.

Deep in London’s sewers something stirs. Cybermen, in hibernation since “The Invasion” (yes, that old Troughton chestnut), have been awoken by the Daleks. Now the Cybermen are out to cyber-convert the remaining human population, build their army, and oust the Daleks from Earth.

The Doctor arrives. He knows that the Daleks will be defeated–he defeated them in his first incarnation. If he stays out of history’s way, the Daleks will be defeated as history says they must. But there’s a new element, one of which he was unaware in his younger days–the Cybermen. Destroy the Daleks, create a vacuum, and the awoken Cybermen will fill it. Defeating the Daleks will give the Cybermen their own opening to enslave humanity.

The Doctor confronts the mistakes of his own past and finds himself in a war between the two races. Who will win in this war between the Cybermen and the Daleks?

That’s what I’d do. 🙂

4 thoughts on “On the Doctor's Greatest Foes

  1. There’s a good reason, Rob–their last submission guidelines specifically prohibit the use of certain elements. To quote what Big Finish isn’t looking for:

    Daleks, Cybermen, Valeyards, Brigadiers, UNIT etc. If we are going to utilise old friends and enemies, it is something we will be specifically commissioning from specific writers. Monsters and recurring characters tend not to be BBC copyrights and separately negotiated (ie expensive) and both for that reason and, more importantly, so as not to swamp the new series with too many “kisses to the past”, we will be sparing with such concepts.

    It’s a nice dream, though.

  2. I think that sounds great!!!!!! But I had some bad news about the upcoming episodes……. In the great war of the dalecs and cybermen, rose is caught in the middle and in the 2nd part of the story Rose dies…….. This obviously breaks the doctors heart ( or should i say hearts) and so the future of the hit show : doctor who is bleak!!!!!!!

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