On the Enablement of Mitt Romney’s Mendacity

There’s a reason the Richmond Times-Dispatch is referred to lovingly as the “Times-Disgrace.” And it’s on full display here.

As reported by Think Progress, after parroting Romney’s talking points on welfare, the Times-Disgrace is cited in Romney’s latest ad on welfare, only now the Times-Disgrace doesn’t stand behind their earlier parroting of Romney’s talking points — that President Obama’s waivers have gutted the work requirement rules for welfare eligibility — because his welfare attacks have been “debunked by multiple independent fact-checkers.”

Does Romney care that the source he cites has backtracked? Of course not. He has what he needed — a credible source making a credible-sounding statement so that his factually-challenged, post-truth campaign can go about its business of making stuff up.

Thank you, Richmond Times-Disgrace, for enabling the mendacity of Mitt Romney!

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