On the End of Short Trips

Two and a half years ago, Keith DeCandido sent me an e-mail — “How would you like to write a Doctor Who story for me? I’m putting together a Short Trips anthology, and you’re on my list of writers.”

No, that’s not the actual text of Keith’s e-mail, but it’s a pretty good flavor.

Short Trips!

Big Finish Productions, a multimedia outfit based in the UK, had been putting out full-cast Doctor Who audio drama CDs for a few years, and after the turn of the millennium they started doing a series of Doctor Who anthologies called Short Trips, all based around themes, starring the first eight Doctors, from William Hartnell to Paul McGann.

Keith was putting together one called The Quality of Leadership, the theme being the Doctor’s encounters with leaders throughout time and space.

I put my thinking cap on, and were it not for my cat, I doubt I would have come up with the madcap idea I pitched — the Doctor and Plato of Athens on a road trip.

Thus was “The Spindle of Necessity” born.

It was my first non-Star Trek sale. In a Short Trips book, alongside writers like Peter David and Diane Duane and Terri Osborne.

Between you and me, I felt like the odd one out in the book. All these heavyweights! And me. I didn’t think my A-game was going to be good enough. I couldn’t hang with the heavyweights!

The book turned out really well. I didn’t let down the side. Terri Osborne’s story is pretty brilliant, in my opinion; she’s justly received some award notice for her story.

I was pretty pleased to have sold a Doctor Who story. Especially in that book.

Sadly, all things come to an end, and Big Finish has announced that with a final volume, Re:Collections, the Short Trips line will come to a close. Re:Collections will be a best-of compilation, presumably drawn from the previous twenty-eight Short Trips volumes.

The book is due out in May.

A fond farewell, Short Trips. :cheers:

One thought on “On the End of Short Trips

  1. Allyn, my friend, you’re the one who got the “Magnificently Twisted Bastard” award of the collection for “Spindle.” I thank you very much for the comments on “Good Queen”. I know our stories were labors of love for each of us, and I’m happy to have shared Whovian pages with you.

    Don’t sell yourself short. You rock the TARDIS, my friend. 🙂

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