On the Ewok Extinction Event

Hitler. Stalin. Pol Pot. Dictators who murdered millions of innocents. May we now add Mon Mothma, leader of the Rebel Alliance, to the list?

The things fans will work out. Curtis Saxton has worked out an ecological analysis on the destruction of the Death Star II in Return of the Jedi. His conclusion? The forest moon of Endor would have been rendered uninhabitable by the debris and fallout resulting from the explosion.

A choice quote: “For the Rebel Alliance, the devastation [of Endor] was an unfortunate side-effect of the necessary destruction of a war-machine which was poised to deliver worse destruction throughout the civilised galaxy.” So, Mon Mothma’s decision to destroy the Death Star II, while saving thousands or millions of planets, doomed an entire planet.

That’s heavy.

3 thoughts on “On the Ewok Extinction Event

  1. Ignoring my despise of Saxton’s crackpot theories deriving from his nonsensical approach to evidence, later EU implies that this isn’t the case. Else, where’d Zsinj get an Ewok from? And why didn’t Leia think about it on her visit to Endor orbit in TTT? And how will there be an Ewok pilot in Dark Nest? 😛

  2. Any universe where Ewoks can die painful, asphyxiating deaths is a universe I want to be a part of. Even if the person propogating the theory has his own whacked-out ideas as to what Star Wars is. (And yes, after finding the Ewok Extinction article, I read though several other tech articles. Lock him and Topher in a room, that’s what I say. ;))

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