On the Exciting Memories

Yesterday, like Sunday, was miserable and rainy. Raw, even. Cold.

Very un-May-like.

I wonder if there’s a real word for that — un-May-like. I digress.

And yet, I was strangely thrilled by the un-May-like conditions.

There was something enticing about waiting for a light rail train as a light rain fell from the darkened sky, as a wind rose up and whipped on by. There was something exciting about hoofing it three blocks in the rain in downtown Baltimore from the light rail stop to the subway station.

Isn’t that weird? That moment — walking the downtown streets, police sirens echoing in the concrete canyons, rain falling, the wind whipping — was the most exciting memory I have of yesterday.

Not that yesterday was a bad day. It wasn’t, by any means.

It doesn’t take much to amuse me, I guess.

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