On the Feast Day of St. Cedd

Today, the seventh of January, is celebrated in the Catholic Church as the feast day of Saint Cedd, who was built a number of monasteries and spread the Christian faith throughout Mercia and Essex in the seventh century.

(Curiously, Cedd’s feast day is also celebrated on October 26th.)

Cedd, of course, is the namesake for St. Cedd’s College, Cambridge, where Professor Chronotis famously kept rooms for several decades. Dirk Gently, himself a detective of some note, described Cedd as “one of the duller Northumbrian saints.”

I have no real plans for the feast day of St. Cedd; I’m not Catholic, and I imagine, given Cedd’s lack of notoriety, that no one commemorates Cedd anymore.

Certainly old Cedd is worth a visit to the pub. Cedd would want it that way.

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