On the First Real Snowfall

The worst part about being on the sixth floor was that, this evening, when I left the office, it was already dark outside. Which meant that I couldn’t tell that it was snowing once more.

It snowed this morning.

Oh, we’ve had snow a few times now, but it’s been little more than dustings here and there. There were some lingering patches from a snowfall a week ago, despite temperatures over the weekend that pushed the mercury up into the 40s.

But this morning? It snowed, big chunky flakes, and they stuck.

From the sixth floor, in the morning, I could see the world turn white. Roads coming off of York Road looked slushy and messy, but by afternoon they were clear, as the snowfall had tapered off into fine flakes by ten and then into nothingness by noon.

Of course, sometime past five, the snow started up again.

But against the darkened sky, I couldn’t see the snow.

There’s a good inch, probably. Possibly even two.

A real snowfall.

It’s to turn to freezing rain and sleet past midnight. The roads tomorrow are likely to be a nightmare. Tomorrow would be the perfect day to stay in bed, the covers pulled up close, Monty Python in the DVD player. Sadly, things never really work out that way.

For the moment, however, it’s pretty. Relaxing.

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