On the First Signs of Spring

After weeks of cold, ice, snow, and more cold, today promised to be warm.

Snow still lay on the ground from a snowfall on Wednesday. The ice from the previous week’s ice storm had melted over last weekend; I took a hoe and a shovel to my driveway and walk to rid myself of it, and was rewarded by pulling muscles in my hand that have only now begun to feel normal.

The thermometer climbed slowly.

I put laundry in the washing machine. And I put it out on the line.

It was supposed to get as warm as fifty. The mercury flirted with sixty.

The snow melted. The ground was still frozen when I hung out the laundry, but it began its thaw as well. By late afternoon, the ground was soggy and sloppy.

I put out two loads of laundry.

They dried!

I love the smell of laundry that’s been hung on the line. There’s a freshness to it that can’t be described. It’s the smell of spring and out-of-doors and cleanliness. Clothes done in the dryer don’t have anywhere near the same feel.

Tomorrow is supposed to be warmer.

The five day forecast is looking good, too.

Here’s hoping that winter is done. 😉

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