On the Galley sling

This post will be hopelessly geeky. My apologies in advance.

Digging through AOE3 Heaven‘s webpage today I discovered an intriguing strategy for Age of Empires IIIthe Galley sling. No, I have no idea what the term “Galley sling” means, because it uses neither galleys nor slings because I didn’t invent it.

I did, however, try it. And it’s impressive.

The idea is this–put all of your economy on harvesting resources, advance an age within roughly five minutes, and using the free galleon card in the Home City deck send a galleon to your colony. Then, send the galleon to the enemy’s coast, have it build Grenadiers, and then take out the enemy’s town center by approximately the eight-minute mark.

Son of a bitch, it works.

I tried this strategy in two games this evening. Both cases the enemy leaders resigned by the fifteen minute mark.

Wow. It’s an AoE-on-crack strategy. Wow.

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