On “The Goddamn McCain”

Consider Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns.

An aged hero confronts a new generation. He’s older, he’s slower, he knows that he’s physically no match.

An artist has done an incredible job mixing portaits of John McCain with Frank Miller’s Batman dialogue and thought balloons from The Dark Knight Returns. If Frank Miller, circa 1985, were writing John McCain’s innermost thoughts, the end result would be much like this.

(The frightening thing? I knew exactly where each of those captions came from, without having to pull my copy of DKR off the shelf. Yup.)

But what would Frank Miller write today?

Probably something like this, riffing off a scene from All-Star Batman and Robin
I'm the Goddamn McCain!

Do we really want the goddamn McCain as our next President?

Okay, and who’s going to pick up the gauntlet and match Sarah Palin to the dialogue from All-Star Batman and Robin, the Boy Wonder #10, hmm? 😆

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