On the Greatest Search Phrase Ever

Yesterday, someone in Bournemouth, England, went to Google and typed in the following:

appalled by indiana jones, george lucas and the fiver i wasted last night

Which brought him — I presume it’s a him — to my internet doorstep.

“Fiver.” I like that word. 🙂

No real content. Just the word “fiver.” And also, the idle thought that, “Dude, you already spent that five pounds. It’s not like I can help you get it back.” 😆

One thought on “On the Greatest Search Phrase Ever

  1. I wish my ticket to see it had only cost five quid!

    That said I don’t think my £8.50 (plus the obligatory £3.15 for a drink) was wasted. It was an enjoyable romp almost from start to finish, with just a brief moment of horror (“Oh no, they can’t do that, they must be joking!”) when we found out what was in the box the Russians were looking for.

    Somehow they managed not to let the MacGuffin ruin the film, it it turned into exactly what I was expecting, wanted and paid for: Some pulp adventure that didn’t take itself seriously.

    It isn’t going to win awards for depth, realism, or seriousness, but I didn’t go in looking for those things, so I wasn’t unhappy when I didn’t find them.

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