On the House Season Finale

Last night closed out the first season of FOX’s critically acclaimed and hightly rated medical drama, House.

Here’s the story. Stacy Warner, once the love of Doctor Greg House’s life, asks him to examine her husband–he’s having abdominal pains and bouts of paranoia. House, against his better judgment, agrees, but Mark, the husband, puts off two examinations, and House resorts to subterfuge to get Mark into the hospital. Tests are run, and they show nothing. Exploratory surgery is done, and again nothing. House watches the video of the surgery, and then he notices something–muscle tremors in the intestinal cavity. Mark suffers from a type of seizure. What causes it? Nerves are dying. Could it be early onset Alzheimers? Tests come up negative. Then, Mark becomes paralyzed. And House doesn’t know why, and finally the situation becomes desperate.

I thought this was an okay episode, but not season finale material. The final episode of the Chi McBride Vogler arc would have made a better season finale (and had, in fact, been planned as the season’s finale). The drama came not from the medical problem but from the character dynamics between House, his team, and his former love Stacy. And while the drama between House and Stacy was interesting, and sets a number of new balls spinning in the air, I didn’t find it compelling. The characters had chemistry, true, but the time spent putting the two characters together might have been better spent on dramatizing House’s conflict between his heart and his duty.

Also, I felt the scene between Stacy and Cameron could have played out better. House’s use of the seized amphetamines in the final scene was odd, but not uncharacteristic. Wilson could have been better used as House’s conscience during the episode. Still, the drama generally worked, but in the end I felt it all came up slightly flat.

I’m looking forward to the inevitable DVD release to coincide with the start of the second season. šŸ™‚

May 25-2005

6 thoughts on “On the House Season Finale

  1. I’m pretty sure it was a vicoden in the final scene, need the drugs from the student…though this is something I see debated on a bunch of the House boards…
    I forgot to tape the episode to watch again:oops:

  2. Does anyone know where I could download the final episode?!?! I taped it but of course, it did not tape. I’m dying to see it but can’t seem to get it anywhere!!! Please help!!!:cry:

  3. Such things are’nt talked about in polite company, but if you check bits_of_hugh live journal group, you’d likely find leads…

  4. I havent missed an episode all season and i set my VCR to record the finale and it DIDNT! I am in the same boat as you Krissy….help someone….that bits_of_hugh thing didnt bring up anything for me šŸ™

  5. Heather, the bits of hough comment was from a year ago:D

    As for how to get it, it depends on what online technologies you know.

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