On the Inevitable

I should have known things wouldn’t be this easy.

The Collectibles section had come through. Lots of products. Interesting products, like a whole line of things based on A Christmas Story — a film I’ve never, ever seen.

The Nightmare Before Christmas, the bane of existence? Nary an item in sight. Oh, there were some Jack Skellington dolls, but that was it.

The text was passed to proofing, passed to purchasing, and finally passed to layout.

And then! “Oh, here’s a bunch of Nightmare Before Christmas stuff we need to add.

LEGO Darth Vader screaming “Nooooo!!!!” seems apropos. Shake arms up and down. Make little LEGO robots break apart with my voodoo Force powers. Yeah.

Fortunately, there were virtually no keychains this time around. I think there might’ve been one or two. Mainly it was other stuff — plush Jack Skellingtons, candleholders, fuzzy dice.

Fuzzy dice? Someone needs Jack Skellington fuzzy dice? That’s whole new levels of fannishness…

The write-ups got done, the problems were fixed. But one of these days, methinks Jack Skellington and I will have a throwdown. 😆

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