On the Justice League and the Justice Society

The on-again, off-again film based on DC Comics’ Justice League appears to be off again. Years of development heck wasted.

The present Justice League project seemed cursed from the very beginning. From script issues (and the Writers Guild strike) to casting problems to location uncertainty (would be it Canada? would it be Australia?), Justice League simply wasn’t meant to be. It had too many masters to serve — how much of the classic line-up can we get? how many of the “big guns” can we use? — and Justice League wasn’t meant to happen.

I’ve wondered in the past year or so why Warners doesn’t take a shot at a Justice Society movie.

Not as a modern piece, as per the current Justice Society of America comic, but as a period piece. Set in the 1940s, during World War II.

Maybe even film it in the blue-screen, washed out style of Sky Captain.

The question with a Justice Society film is what sort of team line-up would you have. The Earth-2 line-up with the Golden Age Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman? Or the post-Crisis line-up without them?

I’d be tempted to make it without them.

Isn’t there enough drama with Sandman, Mr. Terrific, Hourman, Hawkman, and the rest?

A Justice Society could be retro and fun.

I’d go see it. 🙂

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