On the Lack of Blog Posts

Occasionally, I hit periods where I have nothing to say.

Occasionally, I hit periods where I’m too busy to say anything.

The last two weeks? They’ve been a little bit of both. Though more the latter than the former.

I was on deadline for an article. I was also mildly sick. Article got done. The sneezes are still here.

Work? Well, Blizzardammerung didn’t help things at the office. At all. It was a terse, tense time. It’s now passed, and we’re looking at smooth sailing. I think.

I am writing a blog post of some heft. I’m not sure when it will be done. Maybe tomorrow. I don’t want to work on it tonight.

I am reading an absolutely atrocious book. I could be reading something good, like the collection of essays by NPR senior news analyst Daniel Schorr I picked up the other day. But no, I am forcing myself to read this book that is just… awful. Oh, the things I do… *sigh*

And, on a completely different note, Stephen Fry will be appearing on the Craig Ferguson show, for a one-on-one conversation. I don’t usually stay up that late, and I’m not even sure if I get CBS… :-/

Be well, everyone. 🙂

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