On “The Land of Happy Endings”

So I’ve been reading the Doctor Who graphic novel, The Flood, starring Paul McGann’s Doctor.

And I have decided.

“The Land of Happy Endings” may be the most perfect Doctor Who story ever. Dr Who and his grandchildren, John and Gillian, have a little adventure on a very sad planet. Sad grey aliens, flying robots, a Flash Gordon-style city, and then a final page that, maybe better even than the seventh Doctor’s closing line in “Survival” explains why it is the Doctor does what he does.

Also, for Doctor Who fans familiar only with the Eccleston or Tennant version of the character, the final page of “The Land of Happy Endings” has as palpable a sense of loss and longing as anything in “Gridlock” or the third season finale arc.

McGann was an awesome Doctor, wasn’t he?

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