On the Latest Search Phrase News

Since I had to go onto the server last night, I did a search phrase dump.

I have to tell you, there’s nothing surprising about the search phrases the last two weeks. Honestly, the top twenty are the same sorts of things I’ve written about before. No, Stephen Fry still isn’t writing a Doctor Who script. No, Rhona Mitra isn’t coming back to Boston Legal. Yes, House ended its third season on a disappointingly dull moment.

The only new phrase in the top twenty? “Doctor Who manga.” I think it should happen. I’d buy it. I wonder if the Time War was fought with mechas…


It’s the one-off search phrases that are far more interesting.

Is Stephen Fry going to appear on Boston Legal, as someone wanted to know? I have no idea, sorry. I’d love for him to appear on House, though, and I have an absolutely killer idea for such a House episode. In short, House has to go to London for a medical conference, where he has to put up with a bunch of snobby British docs played by Fry, Rowan Atkinson, Emma Thompson, Miranda Richardson, and maybe even Tony Robinson. And I’d hope that someone would have some dialogue about trousers and turnips….

The person who wanted to know about the “redhead employee at Barnes & Noble,” I have this to say. I don’t know who works at the Barnes & Noble in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I’ve never been to Michigan. But if she’s attractive, maybe I will come out to Michigan, maybe I’d like her phone number. 😉

The person who wanted to know about “Allyn’s atheism,” I’ll say this. I’ve thought of writing something lengthy about why I don’t believe in deities. One of these days.

The person who wanted to know about “traveling wilburys the five doctors doctor who,” here’s my thought. That might make an interesting concept band–five guys, dressed as the first five Doctors, playing Wilburys covers. Sort of like the Spock Pistols, a Sex Pistols cover band where they dress up as, you guessed it, Spock.

The person who wanted to know about the “baisch coat of arms,” should you talk to my friend De?

The person who asked about “Provenance of Shadows Missing Pages”? I’d be willing to bet Harlan Ellison stole them. Why? Because he’s an ornery wanker, that’s why. It wouldn’t surprise me if he lay in wait for people in bookstores to whack them with a baseball bat if they even looked at Provenance. What a fuckbag.

And lastly. People are looking for information on Lawrence Miles’ opinion on “Blink,” the new Doctor Who episode. I have a copy of his essays. I’m not going to share either, sorry. I disagree with Miles’ opinion on several points. I think “Blink” was a tautly constructed puzzle, though I could have done without the use of what sounded like the Torchwood theme in the underscore. I quite enjoyed it, and though I enjoy Martha and I think the next companion shouldn’t be a contemporary Briton, I would gladly welcome Sally and Larry as the next companions when Martha moves on. On a different note, I thought the Doctor was checking Sally out–and really, what guy wouldn’t?–but now I don’t think I’ll be able to look at “Blink” in the same way again. 😉

That’s the search phrase round-up for the past fortnight. Unless something really… smashing breaks through in the next two weeks, maybe I’ll discontinue this series. I mean, there’s only so many times I can write about House, after all. 😉

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