On the Latest Search Phrases

We’re closing in on the two-thirds point of the month of July, and what are people looking for from me?

Well, fully twenty percent of all searches landing on this website–over 160 thus far this month–are looking for information about Captain Jack Harkness.

Beyond that, it’s the typical.

  • “Is Stephen Fry writing a Doctor Who script?” No.
  • “Can I make nine dollars an hour working for EB Games?” Don’t make me laugh, bucko.
  • “Allyn Gibson.” That name seems familiar…
  • “how did captain jack become immortal?” Watch “Utopia”
  • “Christopher Lee likes Harry Potter.” Of course he does–Christopher Lee is a man of taste and distinction. 🙂
  • “Mark Prior hates Chicago.” I don’t think so.
  • “how to bleed lego daleks.” Umm, LEGO doesn’t bleed. There should be a LEGO Dalek set, though.

Maybe I need to start writing about random shit. Like Horta Porn.

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