On the Maddest Ideas

Sometimes, my mad ideas work.

I went to fix a cup of coffee. And as I was standing there, getting a coffee mug down out of the cabinet, I noticed, on the counter, was a cannister of Instant Hot Chocolate mix.

Hmm, I thought. Could I make a moccachino-like thing?

Had I been more awake, I would not have tried this. I would have realized this was doomed to futility.

But, because I wasn’t awake, there was nothing stopping me. 😆

Two tablespoons of hot chocolate mix. A teaspoon of sugar. A dollop of milk. Then fill the mug with coffee and stir.

It turned out alright.

Though I think I’m going to have a regular cup of coffee when I go back downstairs for a refill.

Nothing against mixing hot chocolate and coffee.

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