On the Mid-Week View

Work made my brain melt.

This happens sometimes. The problem is that there’s only so much cranial capacity, there’s only so much mental space that words can be drawn from. And what happens, on days that I have to write a lot (and this was one of those days), is that the gears in the brain overheat. Smoke pours out of the ears. The eyes glaze over.

The brain melts.

By 3:30, I felt mentally useless. So, I switched gears.

I did some more writing; I wrote an article about Mickey Mouse comics. I’ll be honest; it’s not a great article. I’m not even sure that it’s a good article. It’s just… there. But it was different than what I’d been writing the first six hours of the day.

Then, I did some proofreading.

At some point, the hamster that runs on the wheel inside my computer decided to die. My computer chugged to a halt, so I rebooted. But by this time it was 5:30, and the day was nearly done.

I’ll start fresh tomorrow. Write about toys.

I need to spend some quality time with Excel tomorrow, too. Oh, yay.

On a different note, did you ever imagine what would happen if paleontologists visited the Creation Museum outside Cincinnati?

Imagine no more! The New York Times has the story… 🙂

I haven’t done anything with the outline I wrote on Saturday as yet. It’s currently out with a few people for feedback.

I reread it this morning on the train, and wrote half a page of notes myself. The notes ranged from changing a name to planting a plot seed earlier to changing the story’s projected title.

The Cubs :cubs: confound me. :-/

The reason for the loss of channels 11 and 13 from Baltimore, and channels 7 and 9 from DC that I ranted and raved about?

It’s a longish story.

Prior to the official changeover from analog to digital, these stations were all broadcasting digital signals in the UHF spectrum.

After the official changeover on June 12th, they changed the frequency at which their signal went out. Specifically, each of these four stations changed from a signal in the UHF spectrum to the VHF spectrum.

Unfortunately, the VHF broadcasts these stations are now using are of a lower power.

Channel 13, for instance, will be installing a higher-powered VHF transmitter in mid-August. Channel 11 has no plans to increase their power that I can find.

Their loss.

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