On the Morning Round-Up

Reading through a six-page thread on TrekBBS this morning I came to a realization. The bloody thread needs Simon Cooper and his angry Irish voice. Oh, I’ve no doubt I would disagree with his insights, but the world needs more snarky ranting, which Simon was always able to deploy at a moment’s notice. Simon, buddy, have a Guinness.

My supervisor called me this morning with a complement–Gran Turismo 4 is doing very well. He called last night with another complement. Good feelings.

I need to hammer out a schedule for the next two weeks.

The Regional visit didn’t happen. My supervisor, though, did come by the store yesterday afternoon. He planned on staying an hour and stayed three and a half instead. Unfortunately, I hadn’t eaten–I worked from nine to five by myself and intended to take a dinner break when my evening person came in to work–and with my supervisor there I didn’t feel comfortable in saying, “Dude, I need to clock out and grab some food before I go from half-mad to all-mad.” Alas, I did reach all-mad.

Maybe it’s best that a friend was sick yesterday and couldn’t meet me for drinks after work. Even though I had (or have) something I need input on, yesterday night after work wouldn’t have been the right time to broach the subject.

It’s a rainy, dreary day. The news has reported a wintry mix, but you need winter to have a wintry mix.

The cats have me concerned. It’s a plot.

3 thoughts on “On the Morning Round-Up

  1. Yeah, I heard from Simon a month or two back, when he noticed one of my (pretty rare these days) posts on OG. I think he misses the interplay of characters from the old days but wouldn’t read a Star Trek book now without a gun at his head and a hefty bribe.

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