On the New Superman

I read a report out of Hollywood yesterday that the casting of Superman for the Justice League film may have be decided.

Rupert Evans.

I’ll be honest. The first time I read that, I misread it at “Rupert Everett.” And, I can safely say, I absolutely did not see Rupert Everett as the Man of Steel.

Evans, of course, was Agent John T. Myers in the first Hellboy film. (Is he is the second? I’m clueless. Does anyone know?)

I guess I can see him as Superman. I’d say that he seems small for the role, but considering he was acting against Ron Perlman in Hellboy, even an NBA star would seem small.

Suddenly, I’m hearing Hellboy-like dialogue in my head…

Hellboy: Kid, didn’t I see you in tights on tv?
Myers: Tights? You’ve got to be joking.

I don’t know whether Justice League will be a whole lot of good, bad, or complete suckage. We shall see.

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