On the Next Couple of Days

I’m about to crash. First, I’m bloody tired. Second, I’m leaving before dawn for North Carolina. I need the sleep.

Two friends of mine are getting married on the beach tomorrow. It’s going to be grand. šŸ™‚

Then, on Sunday I’ll be in Raleigh, seeing my sister and my niece. And yes, I do have the green Care Cthulhu.

On Monday I’ll be back in Baltimore. Vacation.

Sometime next week I’m planning on heading down into DC to visit the Smithsonian. Partly for fun, partly just to get a feel for the Smithsonian since part of “THOD” takes place there.

Also next week, I’m going to formulate a plan of attack for my annual review. Yes, it’s three months off. And I’m sure that the company will cite current economic conditions as precluding any pay raises. (They canceled the 401k match earlier this year, for instance.)

Howsomever. Given the magnitude of my job duties, given the importance of what I do to the comic industry as a whole, given the fact that I’ve turned into a crack Excel macro coder just so I can do my job (and that’s a marketable skill that can pay elsewhere), I don’t think a fifteen percent pay raise is at all out of the question.

(Lest you think that sounds mercenary, a fifteen percent pay raise would take me back to what I was making at EB Games. In 2004. Right now, I’m making what I made working for EB Games. In 2001.)

It’s funny how a joke at lunch yesterday turned into some thinking about what I’m really worth.

Anyway, that’s what I have on my plate the next few days.

Oh, and my evil Shore Leave plot. šŸ˜†

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