On the Perils of Peanut Butter

My grandmother refrigerates peanut butter.

I do not like refrigerated peanut butter. The reason? It’s impossible to spread. It comes out in clumps, and it tears the bread apart as I try to smooth it out.

All I wanted, all I really wanted, was a peanut butter and banana sandwich.

However, my grandmother had eaten the bananas. (She eats several a day.) There was only a half-eaten banana in the refrigerator.

And, of course, the refrigerated peanut butter.

The end result? A gummy mess. The peanut butter was cold and lifeless, and I had to layer it on thicker than I would have liked to keep from tearing the bread to pieces. The banana was okay.

I didn’t bother putting the peanut butter back in the refrigerator. Instead, I left it atop the refrigerator. There, it can thaw out, warm up to room temperature, the way peanut butter should be.

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