On the Picard who fought at Trafalgar

What I’m wanting to do is write a story about the Picard who fought at Trafalgar, mentioned in Star Trek: Generations, and I am trying to settle on a name for the historical Picard’s ship, though perhaps giving the French frigate the same (or a similar) name as the Starfleet vessel his descendant commanded five centuries hence might be too fanwanky. Yet, there’s a certain sentimental pull there, and naming the ship “Enterpris” would be a coincidence too far, I should think. “Astronome” comes close in the meaning department, and “astrologue” strikes me as not being quite right because of the connotations of magic and mystery. A single word name would suit my purposes best, besides the historical tendency of the French fleet to give their ships names of a single word. I may simply mangle the French that I have, and let that be that. Naming the ship is comparatively easy, compared to the research necessary for the story.

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