On the President and His Vacations

It’s now official–the President has spent a full 365 days out of his not-quite five years as leader of the Free World on vacation, clearing brush off his Texas ranch.

This article from the Washington Post passes no judgment on the President’s hobbies, but the question needs to be asked–aren’t there better, more important things the President should be doing with his time? Like governing the nation?

On the other hand, if the President thinks that laws aren’t important, then it’s not that far a leap for him to say that governing the country isn’t that important, either.

One thought on “On the President and His Vacations

  1. It doesn’t bother me. As a writer, anytime I’m not writing and doing something else mundane, like washing dishes, laundry, mowing the yard, my brain is bubbling with ideas. I should think a Pres is the same way. It’s not like he works 9 – 5 and gets weekend off. They work on the flights to places, even his ranch, he works on his ranch, he works after dark, before morning, etc. I certainly couldn’t keep up with that schedule.

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